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EP 01 | Your New Career Mindset

  EP 01 | Your New Career Mindset Do you have a limited mindset? Listen to this episode to find out if you have a limited mindset. Mindset is everything and in this episode, I discuss how having a "work hard" mindset can help limit your career growth.   I'll walk you through a quick activity to create your new career mindset. This is Episode One, of the Manifest Your Career Podcast! And I'll be talking to you about your new career mindset. Mindset is everything. And if you haven't heard this before, let me break it down for you. And if you have, I guarantee you, you haven't heard it like this before.  So growing up, all I heard from my parents was work hard, as many of you can really do well in school, work hard, go to work, or a card. But that's just that hard work doesn't get you further in your career. It actually is your mindset, you can work hard and not have a clue about how your thoughts or your mindset is really what's driving what comes

Not another degree! Read this before starting a grad program

  Are you thinking of getting another degree? Often times we find ourselves at a crossroads when we're unhappy with our current place in life and the easiest solution that comes time mind is getting a degree (or another).  But is this what you should do next? Ask yourself the following questions before jumping into a spiral of debt or a new degree: Why do I want this degree? Do I need this degree for ____ job? Without this degree I can't apply for ____ job? What are the essential skills needed for ____ job? Do I know anyone in that field? If yes, can I set up a time to talk to them about what they do? See what transferable skills you have/that align with that role. If no, (don't know anyone in that field), find someone talk to those around you and ASK them if they know anyone that does XYZ. Can I take a part-time job/internship/one day visit at XYZ place to learn more about the job? These are just a FEW questions that you can ask yourself to before jumping into another degr

Intentional Personal Growth for Your Career

  Career & Life: Intentional Personal Growth  This past year, I had a lot of personal growth the last 6 months of the year. I definitely have to attribute it to starting my bullet journaling.  I think it is one of the best tools I have ever stumbled on. And of course, one of the best tools anyone can use for personal growth and development is reading books.   My favorite books are those that ask you questions for reflection after each chapter.  It keeps the momentum going and gives you built-in questions to reflect and journal on. Here are some notes from one of the books that I recently read, by John C. Maxwell.   The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth. Ask the Big Questions Now! Do it NOW Face the fear factor Change from accidental to intentional growth Ask the Big Questions Now!  Where do you want to go in life? What direction do you want to go? What’s the farthest you can imagine going? Do it NOW Don’t wait for tomorrow, Monday, a new year, a new month, etc… DO IT NOW Face the fear f