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Learned Optimism & Why it Matters for your Career

  Learned Optimism & Why it Matters for your Career Have you ever wondered how some people just always seem to see the silver lining? Or focus on the positive and seem to just let the negative roll off their back? You might think these people were just born that way or did someone teach them how to be so freaking optimistic? Ok, real talk, does it freaking matter? No, what does matter is that remembering that you have a choice. If you want to be successful, the easiest way is to start being more optimistic, look at the positives, or what good can come out of the situation. Not convinced? Here are some reasons: more opportunities, friendlier encounters, genuine collaborations and so much more. From the  Positive Psychology  website, it states Learned Optimism is the opposite of learned helplessness; learned optimism is a concept that says we  can   change   our   attitude and behaviors –  by recognizing and challenging our negative self-talk, among other things. It’s also the title