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Stop Living in Fear

“The greatest mistake we make is living in constant fear that we will make one.” John C. Maxwell It often starts in childhood when we are condition to not  make mistakes,  it’s quite innocent then. It is to protect us from ourselves like touching a hot stove or looking both ways when crossing a street. We are told to color inside the lines, follow rules without questions, and talk when spoken to. Unfortunately, this carries over to adulthood, leading us to live an overly cautious life. Life in a box is no life at all. I don’t remember exactly when I started living in a box with a set of unspoken rules. And I will say that it helped me be successful and follow a path to my goals (education, owning a home, having a family, etc) But I can’t help but feel I missed so many more opportunities by staying in my lane. Now as I allow myself to spread my wings not worried about tripping, failing or what others will think. It is both scary and exciting. But most of all I am living and teaching my

Forgiveness & Your Career

 Click Here  Listen to the podcast Episode on Forgiveness & Your Career When we think about our careers, our career development, or growth. We really don't think about forgiveness, yet.  Forgiveness is so key and essential to keeping ourselves balanced.  If we don't practice forgiveness, then we are holding on to a lot. And if you're like most people, you don't have a forgiveness practice. Forgiveness is often preached in churches. But outside of the church, most people don't think about it. And most don't think about forgiveness and how you need it for your career too! Another concept that isn't talked about often; is that  FORGIVENESS is for you , not the other person, or event.  It's so that you can release those emotions that you've been holding on to.  All the pain, hurt, anger, or what other emotion you've been feeling. So, forgiveness, helps you release what is holding us back. And it will continue to build up and build up. Until it be

Don't Quit Your Job!

  Today, I am telling you not to quit your job,  just yet . Keep reading to know what your next step in your career should be. Before you decide to quit your job. I understand the urge of wanting to quit your job, with the pretense that you need more career growth or development. I'm all for career growth and development. It's super important. But it's also super important to do it the "right way." I see a lot of people that quit their job because they are just done.  They're tired of feeling tired, they're burnt out. And the thought about going in another day literally makes them want to cry. Maybe you are crying on your way to work, and you're just done. And quitting sounds so good. If that's you, I ask you to keep reading, before you decide if quitting is the right step for you. This post is here to help you not be in the same place again. So grab a journal, and let's get started. Here are some questions to ask yourself, before deciding to q

November 2021: Career Tarot Reading

Welcome to the November 2021, Career Tarot Reading.  A card was pulled for each Zodiac sign. The Modern Witch Deck was used and can be found on Amazon.  Simple Tarot Readings by Angel Green were used this month for the readings. Look below to find your Zodiac Sun Sign and read what's in store for your career this month. If you feel called to receive a second message for the month, you can also look up your Moon Sign for additional reading to the month.  If you’d like to purchase personalized Career Tarot reading,  Click Here.   November Career Tarot Reading   The general reading for the month is the Page of Pentacles card.   This card may mean a raise or promotion at work. If so, it comes as a result of your hard work and all of the effort you've put in so far. Congratulations! It's wonderful to be seen and recognized.   If you'd like to advance in your career, concentrate on learning everything about your industry as you can. Put yourself on a course of study to