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2021Top 10 Episodes of Manifest Your Career

In March of 2021, I launched the Manifest Your Career podcast. My goal for the podcast was to help women like me see that career paths are not linear. That we create our career journeys however we want. And the best way to do this is following our intuition, our inner knowing. We know what’s best for us. So stop listening to all this career advice that just isn’t working for you. Take what you need from professional developments and then make it your own. Add your own flavor. A big thank you to all my supporters, listeners, and guests. You remind me that my dream has a purpose and that I am following my own path to manifest the career of my dreams. I’d love to hear your feedback on the podcast, feel free to submit your feedback HERE . COMPLETE PODCAST FEEDBACK SURVEY Here are the Top 10 Episodes of Season EP 02 | Career Affirmations for Job Fulfillment As a follow-up to episode 01, this is a track of career affirmations to help you improve your job fulfillment. Sometimes we c

December Career Tarot Readings

Welcome to the December 2021, Career Tarot Reading.  A card was pulled for each Zodiac sign. The Modern Witch Deck was used and can be found on Amazon.  Simple Tarot Readings by Angel Green, Guided Tarot by Stefanie Caponi, and Tarot by Tina Gong, were used this month for the readings. Look below to find your Zodiac Sun Sign and read what's in store for your career this month. If you feel called to receive a second message for the month, you can also look up your Moon Sign for additional reading to the month.  If you’d like to purchase personalized Career Tarot reading,  Click Here.   December Career Tarot Reading The general reading for this month is Six of Pentacles in Reverse.  This month may bring about some power struggles at work, and a feeling of strings attached. Perhaps your company or boss is being generous this month, but you get the sense that there are some heavy strings attached.  This is a warning to watch out for the intentions behind the act.  This month try to