Choosing the Right Crystal


manifest your career blog post choosing the right crystal

Choosing the Right Crystals for You

Crystals offer metaphysical healing and can raise your vibration. Choosing the right crystal for you is just as important as choosing the right outfit for your next interview.

I began my crystal journey not knowing anything about crystals or how to even cleanse them. I literally would pick them, bring them home and set them down somewhere mostly likely forgetting them.  I actually recently found a piece in the inside of on my coat jackets.  I'm not even sure how I didn't miss this piece since it was a small tree agate piece with a Sagittarius symbol engraved in it. 

So if you're a beginner or just not sure how to pick a crystal this post is for you.  First we'll start with how to cleanse your crystals once you bring them home.  It's also important to note that some crystals cannot be cleansed with water due to their solubility. One of these crystals is selenite, so be sure to research if you can cleanse your crystal with water before doing so. 

Before choosing a crystal it's important to know how to cleanse it and set an intention.

First Cleanse Your Crystals

When you bring your crystal home, you can cleanse your crystal one of three ways listed below. Choose which one works for you and your crystals. 

  1. One of the simplest ways is to sit in meditation with your crystal, imagine a white or golden light cleansing your crystal and removing any negative or tarnished energy.  Envision this energy returning to Mother Earth to be reused and repurposed.
  2. The next way to cleanse crystals and one of my favorites is running the crystals through cool water from my sink. If you can do it outside or with nature that is also a way to cleanse your crystal. You can also imagine a golden or white light cleaning your crystal and removing any energy that does not serve you. 
  3. Once you cleanse your crystal when you bring it home, it's important to keep clearing its energy especially if it is somewhere where others energy passes by it. Crystals absorb and neutralize the energy they are around. This means that the crystals need to be cleanse so they can continue working optimally. You can cleanse them in the moonlight any night, it is most optimal during the full moon's energy.

You can also keep some charging plates, bowls, or wands to help cleanse your crystals.  I use selenite wands and have been gifted a few crystal bowls as well. Start off with what works for you and feels right for you and your crystal.

There are so many other options in cleansing your crystals, saging them, placing them in salt, and others. What's important is the intention behind the cleanse. And that is to clear the crystals energy so that it can start working for you. 

After you cleanse it, place it somewhere you want the crystal to transform its energy. If this is your first crystal place it near your desk at work, or a common space at home. Then set an intention for the crystal. Give it a purpose.

Start off with what works for you and feels right for you and your crystal.

Choosing the right crystal for you is just as important as cleansing it. Today we'll start with the shape of the crystal.  Crystals come in raw form, polished, points, towers, freeforms, spheres and shapes. There are so many options, but each offers a different purpose. 

I'll start off with the basic and most common crystal shapes. Though this list is not meant to be all inclusive as there is always new crystals and shapes created.  The crystal shapes I'll be covering today are crystal points, towers, freeforms, spheres and clusters.

  manifest your career blog post image of rose quartz towers

Crystal points and towers are similar. 

Crystal towers and points usually helps amplify energies and intentions. A point towards you brings the energy towards you, and a point away from you draws the energy away from you.  Points that have both ends with points, both balances the energies that are coming and going.  This is crystals are best for crystal grids and setting intentions. 

 manifest your career blog post image of free form crystals

Crystal Palm Stones

These crystals are shaped, polished to fit in your hand. These are great for use during meditation to hold and using in crystal healing.  

manifest your career blog post image of crystal spheres in different colors

Crystal Spheres

Crystals in shaped to spheres emit their energy in all directions, and can help encompass a whole room.  Crystal spheres can help cleanse rooms and bring in more positive energy. 

manifest your career blog post image of crystal clusters

Crystal Clusters

Crystal clusters are in their more natural shapes provide you with high vibrational energy.  These are great for nooks, corners, and areas where energy can get clogged.

You picked your crystal, now what? What do you do next? 

Once you choose a crystal the next step is to cleanse and set an intention for it. Crystals can only be activated if you set an intention. Make sure that you set an intention and cleanse your crystals regularly. 

Three steps to take when working with crystals.

  1. Choose the right crystal for your purpose
  2. Cleanse the crystal
  3. Set an intention for the crystal

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