New Moon in Sagittarius


I'm excited for this New Moon in Sag vibes but I might be a little bias since I'm a Sag Sun & Moon. But who doesn't love this energy? 

New Moon in Sagittarius 

This New Moon brings good luck, optimism, and excitement.  Sagittarius is the sign of the wold traveler, nomad, and lifelong student and guide.  This fiery energy expands our horizon of what is possible and heps us open our hearts to embrace new adventures.

And this is beautiful energy to go into thanksgiving to remind us to enjoy our family and some laughs.

This is great energy as we start to set new goals and intentions for your career and your next chapter in life.

Sagittarius is the ruler of the 9th house, which is all about education, exploration & self-discovery.  This sagittarius new moon invites you to look toward the future, and allow yourself to get lost in a new subject, idea, or travel plans. 

Even if you don’t feel courageous enough to take action, this energy is about dreaming/exploring and seeing the big picture. Let it fuel your passions. 

Set your intention during this new moon energy and a few action steps you can take over the next 28 days.  Do a check in during the full moon in Gemin, and see how you're doing in your goals. 

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Bring your moonology and natal chart questions. Let's use the Moon's energy to Manifest Your Career.

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