Ringing in the Year in Mercury Retrograde

Yep, you read that right we're ringing in the year with Mercury in Retrograde. Mercury Retrograde often gets a bad rep but really it's a reminder to us to slow down and/or revisit some past situations.

This Mercury Retrograde is in Capricorn. 

Since this retrograde begins in Capricorn, the cardinal earth sign associated with karma, determination and delayed gratification, you can expect this experience to place a few hurdles in your path. 

Don’t be afraid of facing challenges head-on and pulling up your bootstraps, because Capricorn always finds a way to reward you for hard-work. You can expect that many of us will be willing to accept apologies, make peace and move forward with this particular Mercury Retrograde as it has the influence of a Pisces Energy.

This is also a great time to start planning! Use this slower energy to plan your best year yet. 

Here are four things that astrologer Yasmin Boland, suggests to do during a retrograde in Capricorn:
  1. Assess Your Career Goals
  2. Rebuild something, either literally or metaphorically
  3. Recommit to a Life Goal 
  4. Remember that there's more to life than work
During this retrograde, it's best you don't overdo it. So slow down, only say yes to things that make your heart sing, and delegate anything that doesn't. 

Get in tune with your own inner guidance and what energy this retrograde has on you. You can review where in your chart Mercury will be. Then journal on what thoughts or ideas come up.

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