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The Key to Life is Balance!

  The secret to "doing it all" is by balancing it. You can't always be on and you can't always be off. There needs to be a flow of both masculine and feminine energy ☯️. You need both energies in your life. One is doing/giving (masculine energy). And one is receiving (feminine energy). ✍🏽 Take a moment to pause and journal today on the following questions: ✨ What areas of your life feel out of balance? ✨ What areas of your life do you lead with masculine energy? ✨ Which areas of your life is led by feminine energy? ✨ Are you leading with too much of feminine or masculine energy all the time? Career burnout, and all burnout in general, comes from being in too much masculine or feminine energy. If you're feeling balance on either side reflect on how this has benefited you and what you can do better moving forward? If you've been working too hard towards your goals neglecting your health, self-care, or spending time doing things you love then it's time to

Daily Moon in Virgo during a Waning Moon Phase

With the Daily Moon in Virgo ♍️ we get pulled towards practical activities.  You might find yourself re-organizing and rethinking plans.  Use this moon energy's Virgo ♍️ at work to solve problems, make order out of confusion, and help others. This is a great time for deep thinking, work activities, services, and routines.  Any work activities that would benefit from tending to details.  The moon is also in the Waning phase, so this is not a time to start a new project or start a job search.  Instead this a great time to think about your personal and professional values, do a career inventory, or making updates to your resume.  Grab a journal and just let your pen flow! Here's how to reflect on your personal and professional values: Write down what's important to you. Write down how you want to impact your community Write down what legacy you'd like to leave behind Complete a Career Inventory Do a career inventory by evaluating your interests, values, your preferred work

Full Moon in Cancer - It's all about the Feels

The Full Moon πŸŒ• in Cancer is today, January 6th at 5:08pm CST/3:08PST This is our first major moon phase this year and it's a full moon in the sign of Cancer is a big thing! Cancer is a water sign and all about emotions. Cancer holds space for us so we can feel seen, heard, cared for, and protected emotionally, physically, and financially. Cancer wants to nurture, protect us and guides us to a sense of long-term security at home, with family and in our personal lives. This energy asks you to hold space for yourself, so you and your inner child can feel seen, heard and cared for. How can you help your inner child and yourself feel protected emotionally, physically and financially? Take a time to reflect and released. If you're an Earth πŸ”or Water 🌊 sign this Full Moon will feel good to you, everyone else may find it challenging depending on the elements in your natal chart. Some self reflection questions you can ask yourself during this Full Moon in Cancer are: Have you been

Mercury, Mars, & Uranus in Retrograde

  Reflection.  Reflection.  Reflection.   These next few weeks are meant for you to rest, reflect, and reset. I know that you might be feeling the urge to follow the usual trend of setting goals or resolutions the first week of January but with so many planets in retrograde right now it's not the best time to do this. So instead of setting amazing goals or creating a detailed plan, rest, reflect, and reset. Here are the planets currently in retrograde: Mercury (until Jan 18th), the planet that rules communication & technology. Mars (until Jan 12th), the planet that rules motivation and passions. Uranus (until Jan 27th), the planet that helps break habits or old traditions. Plus we have the Full Moon in Cancer on Jan 6. With all of this, it's really not a good time to make plans or set goals. Here's a little more about how these planets in retrograde make it a better time to reflect than to plan. Mercury is the planet that rules communication, technology, thoughts

Slow Down! No Goal Setting Yet.

As we ring in the New Year, I ask you to slow down. The astrological energy right now is not one for diving in deep into goal setting for planning.  Even though it's the beginning of the year and we normally love setting goals and planning our year right now the skies aka astrology is telling us to slow down.  It's not a time to plan it's a time to rest and reflect. To help guide you in reflection, below are a few questions you can ask yourself: What areas of my life keep running on repeat on my mind? What emotions do I keep feeling or am I  suppressing any? What habits do I keep falling into that are keeping me from moving forward? As you take some time to slow down, whether it's before work, during your breaks  or after work, for even just 5-10 minutes disconnecting will help your mind reset. Ask yourself, and really allow yourself to just be.  What areas of my life keep running on repeat on my mind? Do you keep thinking about all the spaces in your home that you want