Daily Moon in Virgo during a Waning Moon Phase

With the Daily Moon in Virgo ♍️ we get pulled towards practical activities. 

You might find yourself re-organizing and rethinking plans. 

Use this moon energy's Virgo ♍️ at work to solve problems, make order out of confusion, and help others. This is a great time for deep thinking, work activities, services, and routines. 

Any work activities that would benefit from tending to details. 

The moon is also in the Waning phase, so this is not a time to start a new project or start a job search. 

Instead this a great time to think about your personal and professional values, do a career inventory, or making updates to your resume. 

Grab a journal and just let your pen flow!

Here's how to reflect on your personal and professional values:
  • Write down what's important to you.
  • Write down how you want to impact your community
  • Write down what legacy you'd like to leave behind
Complete a Career Inventory

Do a career inventory by evaluating your interests, values, your preferred work environment and work habits then check how aligned your current employer and career align. Often times we veer off our path, but by reviewing where you are compared to what really interests you then you can get back to career alignment. 

Update your Resume

Resume writing can be dry and the last thing you want to do. A great tool to use in your next resume update is Resume Genius. They have free templates and can help you get started. Choose a resume template that calls to you and tweak it to meet your needs.

Come learn how to plan your career with ease by using the moon phases! 


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