Full Moon in Cancer - It's all about the Feels

The Full Moon πŸŒ• in Cancer is today, January 6th at 5:08pm CST/3:08PST

This is our first major moon phase this year and it's a full moon in the sign of Cancer is a big thing! Cancer is a water sign and all about emotions.

Cancer holds space for us so we can feel seen, heard, cared for, and protected emotionally, physically, and financially.

Cancer wants to nurture, protect us and guides us to a sense of long-term security at home, with family and in our personal lives.

This energy asks you to hold space for yourself, so you and your inner child can feel seen, heard and cared for. How can you help your inner child and yourself feel protected emotionally, physically and financially?

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Take a time to reflect and released.

If you're an Earth πŸ”or Water 🌊 sign this Full Moon will feel good to you, everyone else may find it challenging depending on the elements in your natal chart.

Some self reflection questions you can ask yourself during this Full Moon in Cancer are:
  • Have you been overdependent on others or clingy?
  • Have you been expecting others to know what you want versus telling them directly?
  • Have you been manipulative or moody to get what you want this month?
  • Have you spent enough time with family?
Take out a journal and really take a moment to answer these questions. 

Where in your life have you been clingy or overdependent on others?  It can be easy to get lazy and just allow others to do for you but this can also enable you to be unproductive.

Have you been expecting others to be mind readers and found yourself upset and disappointed with others due to this? Often times, it's easier to beat around the bush with what you want but others are not mind readers. No one know what you're thinking, so if you want something from others ask directly. Now reflect on what areas in your life you might be expecting others to just know what you want.

On that note, have you been manipulating others with your emotions? Being moody when not getting your way? Take a deep look as to where this is happening and ask yourself why this might be the case. There's no shame in these self-reflections. The moon is here to illuminate our shadow side to help us move forward. Without self-reflection or awareness you can't know where you need to change.

And finally, Cancer is all about family. Have you spent enough time with family or those that feel like family to you? If you haven't, why not? And is this something you want to change?

As the Full Moon in Cancer illuminates your sahdow, it's time to tune into your feelings and emotions. This a great time for you to sit, pause, and mediate. Allow yourself to just feel. A nice soothing bath can help you connect and release as well.


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