Mercury, Mars, & Uranus in Retrograde





These next few weeks are meant for you to rest, reflect, and reset.

I know that you might be feeling the urge to follow the usual trend of setting goals or resolutions the first week of January but with so many planets in retrograde right now it's not the best time to do this.

So instead of setting amazing goals or creating a detailed plan, rest, reflect, and reset.

Here are the planets currently in retrograde:

Mercury (until Jan 18th), the planet that rules communication & technology.
Mars (until Jan 12th), the planet that rules motivation and passions.
Uranus (until Jan 27th), the planet that helps break habits or old traditions.

Plus we have the Full Moon in Cancer on Jan 6. With all of this, it's really not a good time to make plans or set goals.

Here's a little more about how these planets in retrograde make it a better time to reflect than to plan.

Mercury is the planet that rules communication, technology, thoughts and ideas. With this planet in retrograde you may find yourself feeling confused, confusing details, running late or having a lot of missed connections. This is not a great time to plan out details or read the fine print as you'll likely miss an important step or two. Instead pause and review old plans that might need editing or updating!

Mars is the planet that fuels towards our goals and desires, with it in retrograde we've all been feeling a little lackluster. The perk of Mars being in retrograde is that you'll be less likely to snap at someone but with this lack of spark and fire we also are more likely to binge a show or two.

Uranus is the planet that is known for rebellion and pushing against the envelope to bring innovation. It brings shocking surprises, liberation, and unique eccentricities. With this planet in retrograde right now, the collective may be feeling more anxious and restless. You may feel an urge to make a change in your daily routine or habits but find it difficult to do so.

And on Jan 6th we have the Full Moon, the full moon is a time of reflection and revision. Look back at your December 23rd New Moon goals and plans. What have you made progress on? What needs some re-working? And what needs to go.

Use the full moon energy's energy to illuminate what is hidden so you can move forward.


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